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Fireplace Mantel #207

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This is a custom hand made reclaimed lumber fireplace mantle, each mantle is specificly made for your fireplace. The mantles are unfinished, so it can be easily matched to your decor. The As Is Sanded mantel starts with a rough sawn brown or gray timber which is then cut to length and lightly sanded reducing the splinters but retaining the original golden brown patina characteristic of aged Douglas fir. The surface may have some degree of character marks which result from the nails and bolts we remove and checking resulting from air drying. All materials and labor are included.

Standard size fireplace.

$990.90 installed!

Material Options (Species)*:

Stain Grade Douglas Fir

*prices will vary depending on species, price listed is for stain grade douglas fir unfinished.

Two corbels are included in price, each additional corbel is $100. Choose from the corbel designs listed below.

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